Monday, 5 March 2012

Your Best Eye Colour

Colour analysis is a procedure based on the theory that everyone has a dominant colour in their skin that is either cool colour or warm colour. Cool and warm tones can be found in skin colour, eye colour and hair colour.

Not many women have considered their own colour analysis. Choosing the right colour can be the difference between looking healthy or unhealthy, thin or fat, short or tall.
When considering what suits us, most of us just choose a colour that we like rather than what suits us best.

Wearing the right colour makes you eyes sparkle and shine. What is important to consider is the colour of your eyes for a right shade of shadow. Eye shadow should always coordinate with your eyes, not your clothes.

Cool coloured eye cool dark brown, gray-blue, gray-green, blue, hazels. Warm coloured eyes are golden-brown, rich dark brown and warm hazels.

Most Asians fall under warm coloured eyes where we have dark brown eyes. What eye shadow colours are best for dark brown eyes?

 Dark Brown eyes look great in grey, plum and pink tones as well as gold and burnt oranges. The intensity of colour you wear depends on your skin tone. For a fair skin, use grey on the eyelid, plum on the outer edge of the eye, and pink under the eyebrow. For a medium to deeper skin tone, the plum could be used on the lid and into the crease area.

Choosing the right colour is all about understanding your own eye colour, then you can choose your best eye shadows.

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