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One of the most important things is that we are all unique. We have our own personal style and creating the right image is an important part of our daily routine.
Image is valuable because it’s what people see first before you’ve even spoken; whether we’re going to work or dressing for a particular occasion, people will notice our appearance. 

If you’ve recently started a new job, had a baby, been through a life changing experience, or your body shape has simply changed and you’re looking for some inspiration, then let us help you achieve your own personal image and style.

We will...
provide you with honest advice.
show you how to organise your wardrobe in a way that will save you time and money.
show you how to invest in key pieces of clothing, not pigeon hole you into specific colours.
advise and guide you on what styles suit you, so that every time you open your wardrobe you’ll be spoilt for choice.
show you how to wear various different clothes that not only complement your shape but make you feel comfortable and confident for every occasion.

The initial stage of the process with us, is all about fact finding. We focus on identifying what’s unique and powerful about you; your likes, dislikes, skills, strengths, values, beliefs, lifestyle and goals. This helps us to establish your ‘wardrobe personality’, quite simply this means, what you love and why. With an exact understanding of this, I can make the right choices, and start creating your personal brand.

Corporate Image
Personnel Branding
Social Etiquette
Personnel Shopper                                          
Wardrobe Organisation
Training for Aspiring Models

Approach and Method :


Corporate Image and Social Etiquette

Impact of your image
Needing to change, a feeling  of positive self worth can be developed over time with 6 steps.
·     Identify & fulfil your needs
·     Self approval
·     Sharing experience
·     Success review
·     Jump of the treadmill
·     Get in touch with your feelings

Signature style with colours
Colour & Balance
(clothes & make-up)
The right colour enhances and energizes our face. The wrong one drains . Here you learn all the tricks and treats of colour and balance.

Corporate image make up
·     Introduction to make up tools
·     Easy steps of applying make-up correctly
·     Enhancing your best facial feature

Dress for success
·     Mixing and matching colours for maximum impact
·     Mixing and matching of accessories and shoe
·     Devising great look that won t burn your pocket
·     Correct lingerie and appropriate under garment for specific outfits
·     Stylish panty-hose with the right texture and colour

Business body Language
First impression is often a lasting impression. Most of the impression we get from another individual is through body language. The way one walks and stand may account for what another person finds impressive about you

Business meeting etiquette
A good impression can mean a lot of difference. You will be coached on the myriad of business responsibilities, from making phone calls to conduct yourself at business function.

The art of networking
Useful tips to master the art of networking and transform idle chit chat into useful business connections.

Business meal Etiquette essential
Dining etiquette is a valuable skill, both professionally and personally. Having knowledge of proper table manners and settings can make formal situation more comfortable and allow a person to shine.

Topics for Personnel Branding

Making the first impression
Grooming self image
Food & diet
Body language
Personnel make-up
Social etiquette / dining etiquette
Fashion styling & colour analysis
The art of networking

Personnel Shopper

If you get overwhelmed with fashion trends and find shopping a chore, then let me be your personal shopper.
I will teach you the best shopping habits and introduce you to putting different looks together by using a variety of clothes and accessories. I will help you establish what styles suit your shape so you can concentrate on finding that all important outfit or key pieces of clothing without wasting time or money. With this service you can shop at any store but it does not include the cost of your purchases.

Wardrobe Makeover

This session takes place in the comfort of your own home. I will help you create outfits for your individual style, figure, budget and lifestyle. We’ll take a look through your wardrobe, and put outfits together using your existing clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, making a note of what styles suit you and any key pieces that are missing from your wardrobe. I will show you the best way to organise and manage your wardrobe so it works well for you. I can also take photos of your favourite outfits so you have a reference guide to follow. After the session you will receive a personalised guide to help you shop and manage your wardrobe in the future.

Price / Fee

Prices vary depending on the service you require, duration and your location.

Contact us for more info.

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